T-Mobile Tuesdays App

T-Mobile Tuesdays—the freshest take on customer loyalty.

T-Mobile was looking for a way to say THANKS to their customers . So, they developed a loyalty program via an app that brings customers free stuff every single Tuesday. What’d they name it? Well, T-Mobile Tuesdays of course.

Wake #Thankenstein & Win!

On holidays or major events—T-Mobile tapped my team for some bigger thinking outside of the weekly “THANKS.” For Halloween, I came up with #Thankenstein
Customers had to tweet their Halloween costumes at T-Mobile to wake up #Thankenstein and score free stuff. The grand prize?
A Spooky Trip to London!

#Thankenstein rising from his slumber to dish out some serious prizes.


#Thankenstein had his own Halloween Instagram story to promote the contest. Tons of customers participated!


On top of the big thinking, I cranked out hundreds (seriously, hundreds) of prize descriptions. I mean, the app refreshed with new stuff


From error screens to redemption steps, I wrote each and every screen in this app.


T-Mobile loved to brag about their wins. I helped ‘em show off by writing some scripts and directing VO talent for case studies that were shown at conferences and swapped between CEOs.

Chief Marketer Pro Awards, 2018
Best Digital Campaign
Silver: Best Loyalty Campaign, Best Campaign Targeting Millenials

Reggie Awards, 2017-2018
Gold Awards: Digital & Mobile (2017)
Silver Awards: Digital & Mobile (2018), Relationship / Loyalty Campaigns (2017)
Bronze Awards: Relationship / Loyalty Campaigns (2018), Partnership Campaigns (2017)

Smarties Awards, Global and National Awards, 2017
Silver Awards:  Relationship Building / CRM (Global & National), Mobile App (National)
Bronze Awards: Product / Services Launch (National), Promotions (National)