Who Is This Dude?

I'm sort of like a buffalo chicken sandwich.
A really good one though. Let me explain.


I'm classic, just like the fried chicken on this perfect sandwich. I like rock 'n roll and books about great American cities. 

But, oh-no! Hold UP! I'm covered in buffalo sauce. Ok, bad visual. But what I'm saying is, just like my sandwich, I've got some spice. I can hold my own in a pick-up game of hoops and can wear down even the grittiest of bartenders. 

Yeah, there's some lettuce, onions, tomatoes—the healthy stuff. I call my ma' and I'm never late for work. I truly believe that when you put good into the world, it gives you some good right back.

Finally, to top off this beautifully crafted
sandwich—the bun! I'm just as pale as they get. I'm like wonder bread over here.   

Sandwiches aside. I'm a pop-culture obsessed, fun loving dude that you definitely want writing for your creative team.